Hey! If you're in the document, then you're preparing to organize your webinar! Whether you're a volunteer for a hub, micro-intern, ambassador, or gangster, these guidelines will help you with everything that has to do before, during, and after your webinar.

Please make sure to read through this document carefully. If you have any questions that have not been tackled in this document, reach out to Pepper ([email protected]) or Izzy ([email protected]).

Before the webinar

Pre-webinar checklist!

1. Choosing the topic of your webinar

We encourage you to focus on topics that are deeply rooted in societal and environmental issues. It would be best to choose a topic that you personally care about and one that is relevant to your locality as well.

To confirm the topic, please reach out to a makesense fulltime officer, either Pepper ([email protected]) or Yana ([email protected]). Please send us the following information: topic of webinar, date, time, speakers to invite, and list of webinar organizers.

2. Confirming and inviting your speakers

3. Creating the poster, preparing the Zoom, and inviting attendees