👋🏽 Welcome to the Makesense Community

Read the super awesome origin story of the makesense community here

Read the super awesome origin story of the makesense community here

The Makesense Community, quite simply put, is where you meet like-minded and like-hearted people. Like you, everyone in the Makesense Community wants to do something that can help change the world for the better— one step at a time. Here, you are free to learn about social impact AND even volunteer for the social causes that matter to you the most. We are known to be a very dynamic, diverse, and fun group… we know that making positive social change does not have to be too serious or too tiring all the time 🤗

But we are very aware that our planet is in a state of emergency 🌏 Our individual actions count and they matter, but imagine…

🌈 What if millions of people like us unite our forces? What if we do small actions for the planet all together all at the same time? 🌈

Wouldn’t that be amazing? 🥰

This community is a space for all of us to reimagine a better world together and collectively make that dream become a reality.

📍 Our Community Guidelines

To keep this community a safe and generative space, we do ask everyone to read and respect our shared values.

We have also created the Makesense Safe Space Policy to make sure that our community members feel comfortable in this space. Please give it a read so you know our expected (and banned) behaviours in the community.

🎮 Choose Your Player

Everyone has a role to play in the Makesense community. So, we want you to choose what type of player you want to be for the adventure ahead.